Why Do Millennials Hate Corporate America?

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Hate Corporate America? We hear most often Millennials in the workplace have a short-term view of the work world, with a focus on their own interests. They would rather do work that is impactful to the larger world and meaningful to them.

The Millennial generation is the Millennial generation, and soon, will command an unprecedented amount of spending power and make up the majority of the workforce as well. Thus, it's important for employers to understand what millennials in the workplace are looking for from their jobs, and why they may not really want to work for you in the first place.

hate corporate america
It's an issue that requires thinking outside the box–and if you can't, that's part of your problem.

Millennials Want To Be Leaders

Millennials in the workplace tend to be more work-shy and aim for more balance in order to follow their own interests. They are less career-focused and not as loyal to an organization for very long. Millennials want to be leaders and not work bullshit jobs (Joe Rogan explains it best in the video below):

Even I would be lying if I said I have not pondered the thoughts of building an empire, creating my own business (or ways to make extra cash), and working for myself. These thoughts are just that dreams and have no effect on reality. Although, I have the honor of knowing some millennials who decided to pursue their passion and have direction and are very successful in their respective niches.

I selected these individuals to broadcast because they are able to make mature decisions to pursue personal endeavors while still being able to pay the bills and save for retirement. The motivation to pursue your own passions needs to be organic in nature because nobody else will achieve your goals.

Millennials Value Innovation

A friend of mine that I have known for years has a Political Science Degree, had a cushy government job, but decided to leave all this behind when he quit his job and decided to pursue music full time. He is Sherif Mattar, 24 years old, and is a rapper/musician located in Arlington, Virginia. It is very unlikely that generations before us were so risky in our career development.  So why would a millennial be more prone to pursue their own passions? Well, here a quote from why Sherif decided to leave everything behind and follow his passion in music:

“I always knew I wanted to be a writer, and when I started putting a beat behind the writing it just made everything start pouring out more naturally. I want to become one of the greatest writers of our generation. I don’t see myself as competing with other rappers, I see myself as competing with Shakespeare, Hemingway, Lennon, etc.”

You can learn more about Sherif on his website SherifMattar.com.

Millennials Want to Be Creative

While music may not be your thing, there are other ventures that millennials are capable of. One of the most popular websites is Youtube. YouTube says that 100 hours of new videos are uploaded to the site every minute and that around three-quarters of the material comes from outside the U.S. The site has 800 million unique users a month. Naturally, Joanna Rohlf, as well as million other millennials have started video blogging their day to day occurrences and share their interests with others across the web through video.

Joanna Rohlf is a fitness youtube vlogger based in the Washington, D.C. area. She also aimed for more balance in her life in order to follow her interest in fitness. Basically, that her job is seen second to her interest in fitness and sharing her experiences with like-minded individuals across the web. Ever wondered how much YouTubers make? YouTubers have the ability to monetize their videos and gain income whenever a viewer watches their video. She has already gained more than half a thousand subscriptions to her Youtube Channel and the number is growing daily.

Silver Lining

The Millennial generation is a fascinating one and for many reasons. It's huge and super connected, and it does not have the same mentality as previous generations did. Many companies are left scratching their head as to why younger talent is not committed to their company. This is because millennials value creativity, innovation, and morality, and they want to work for a company that does too. It is no secret that times are changing in the workplace, and newer generations stepping in.

You can see this change in companies already such as Google, Living Social, and The Advisory Board who have changed the workplace so millennials don't feel locked in, or bogged down by, any one thing. Work-life balance matters more. To Millennials, business and work are a necessary part of the line, but not the only part — and that's why, CEO, Millennials may not want to work for you and hate Corporate America.

People also ask
How do I break free from Corporate America?

There are a few tips for breaking out of corporate work and into the world of a small business: start with yourself, don't be a commitment-phone, don't rush it, don't make emotional decisions, surround yourself with positive vibes, and show yourself the money.

What can I do instead of a corporate job?

If you wanted to quit your corporate job, you can do the following alternatives: becoming a consultant, becoming a freelancer, building a company, buying a franchise, or become a real estate investor.

Why is corporate so bad?

You may dislike corporate jobs because it give you ample free time. And most people tend to use this free time thinking negatively about their job and circumstances instead of doing something productive. They start blaming much of their life problems on their jobs.

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